Colour my world – Pere performance range

Henry Ford was quoted as saying, ‘Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black’, well that’s ok if you want to blend in with everybody else.

Here at Pere we have a different philosophy, our years of experience working with the top brands such as Rapha and Orca have given us the inspiration to strive for the best design and technical perfection we can offer but we don’t want all of this ‘know how’ to simply blend into the background. We want our hard work to compliment your hard work.

There are many scientific theories that bright colours mean happiness and that’s the theory we at Pere want to bring to our customers who choose to stand out from the crowds.

we are sure kids would choose this colourful picture as an image of happy, enthusiastic, fun as rather than greys ! that why we love to ‘colour my world’

Our eye catching colours give us an identity, we are not a multi national conglomerate, we are a bunch of individuals who love sport, we are sports people making clothes for little people who love sport and we want our brand and your kids to stand out from the crowd. The majority of our competitors and the majority of cycle and triathlon clothing available is based on black with maybe a splash of colour. Kids will have enough years of wearing dull colours as they grow up, the dark school blazer, the black or navy business suit, the little black dress (to make you look slimmer !), even that black tri suit when racing in those age category triathlons where it is a challenge for spectators to find who they are cheering for amongst the crowds !

Even the peleton is bright and colourful !


As well as the essential need to be bright be seen in Hi Viz jacket for riding your bike, we have designed all our range in bright and colourful for kids to enjoy wearing and their ‘fan clubs’ to spot them when 1st out of the water at their triathlon race, or in the distance during the cyclocross race on a dull Autumn day.